“it” 作为形式主语

当 “it” 作为形式主语时,它可以替代以下不同类型的从句。


  • it+be+形容词+that从句
    • It is important that we recycle.(回收利用很重要。)
    • It is essential that we conserve water during this drought.(在这场干旱期间,节约用水至关重要。)
    • It is crucial that you arrive on time for the meeting.(你准时参加会议至关重要。)
    • It is surprising that she didn’t know about the party.(她竟然不知道派对的事情,真是令人惊讶。)
  • It+be+名词(词组)+that从句
    • It is a fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun.(地球绕太阳转是事实。)
    • It is common knowledge that smoking is harmful to health.(众所周知,吸烟对健康有害。)
    • It is a mystery why the cat suddenly disappeared.(猫突然消失的原因令人费解。)
    • It remains uncertain whether the concert will be rescheduled.(音乐会是否会重新安排尚不确定。)
  • lt+be+过去分词+that从句
    • It is believed that she has already left for the airport.(据信她已经去机场了。)
    • It is believed that the ancient city was abandoned due to natural disasters.(据信这座古城因自然灾害而被遗弃。)
    • It is rumored that the treasure lies hidden in the old castle.(传言宝藏隐藏在那座古老的城堡里。)
    • It is known that he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking research.(众所周知,他因开创性的研究获得了诺贝尔奖。)
  • It + seems/happens/ appears/doesn’t matter/makes no difference+that从句
    • It seems that the meeting has been postponed.(看来会议已经延期了。)
    • It doesn’t matter that the train is delayed; we have plenty of time.(火车晚点并不重要,我们有足够的时间。)
    • It makes no difference whether we eat out or cook at home tonight.(今晚我们出去吃还是在家做饭都无所谓。)
  • It作what, who, how, when, where, why等引导的主语从句形式主语
    • It is unclear what caused the power outage.(目前尚不清楚导致停电的原因。)
    • It is not clear who will attend to this matter. 目前尚不清楚谁将处理此事。
    • It hit her how exciting the news was. 她突然意识到这个消息是多么令人兴奋。
    • It doesn’t matter too much to me where you go. 你去哪里对我来说并不重要。


  • It is + 形容词 to do sth.
    • It is difficult for him to give up smoking.(戒烟对于他而言很困难。)
    • It is unwise to give the children whatever they want. 给孩子想要的任何东西都是不明智的。
  • It is + 名词 + to do sth.
    • It is a pity to miss the party.(错过派对真是遗憾。)
    • It is not a good habit to stay up too late. 熬夜不是一个好习惯。
  • It is + 介词+ to do sth.
    • It is against the law to steal. 偷窃是违法的。
    • it is in my turn to perform on the stage. 轮到我上台表演了。


  • It+be+形容词+动名词
    • It was very hardt getting along well with those men. 和那些男人相处非常困难。
    • It was nice meeting you. 见到你真高兴! 
    • It’s foolish behaving like that. 这样的表现是很愚蠢的。
  • It+be+名词+动名词
    • It is no use crying over spilled milk.(哭泣于已经洒出的牛奶没有用。)
    • It is no good arguing with him.(和他争论没有好处。)
    • It is no pleasure watching TV anymore.(看电视已经不再有乐趣了。)

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