must, have to的用法

表示必须:have to强调客观的必要性,而must着重说明主观看法。例如:

  • You must phone him this evening.(你今晚必须给他打电话。)
  • You mustn’t phone him this evening.(你今晚一定不要给他打电话。)
  • My mother is ill. I have to look after her at home.(妈妈病了,我得在家照看她。)


  • The man must have a lot of money.(这个人一定有很多钱。)
  • He must be writing a letter to his girlfriend.(他一定在给他女朋友写信。)
  • must have read that in some book.(我肯定是在某本书上读过这个。)

时态和人称不同:have to有时态和人称变化,而must则没有。

  • have to go to work.(我必须去上班。)
  • We had to cancel the event.(我们不得不取消活动。)
  • He must bring a picnic tomorrow.(他明天得带野餐。)

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